Gorgeous RingI’m hoping you took a moment to let the news settle in. You may have told close family and even gone to drinks with friends, yahoo! Guys — you are officially official. When I received my ring, even though the jeweler had my size when it was purchased, it was a touch too big. Oh, be still my heart! The sucker rotated round and round the whole time we were traveling and man was I nervous about losing my most precious treasure. Fear not, if you are in the states* and find yourself in the same pickle, we have a quick and (dare I say) easy solution! Bring on the ring guard. These tiny pieces of rubber fit around the band and make sure she stays put for a little while – you will have to part for a few days to get it done professionally.

Keeping it clean

I love a good swath of dish soap with a super soft brush as much as the next gal but to keep your diamonds sparkling, there is a great gadget called a sonic cleaner that does the trick in under two minutes in basic tap water. The one I purchased off Amazon is quick, easy and jeweler approved**. Jewelers use this type of device in-store at a commercial grade so this is a fun little way to keep your sparkler, sparkling.


Last but not least is etiquette! Everyone has a nosey friend or competitive colleague who may or may not know that she/he’s putting her foot in her mouth by asking how many karats your ring is. Uh…that faux pas makes me cringe. But, the truth behind etiquette is that it is far worse to call someone on their lack of decorum. This is where the sweet white lie comes in… “Gosh, I don’t know off hand, I was so surprised/excited/happy I didn’t think to ask!” Works as the perfect decoy.

*If you are abroad, especially in a place where diamond solitaires are not the tradition, you may have to wait until you’re stateside as ring guards are fairly uncommon, even at fine jewelry boutiques. If you have another ring to stack, go for that as a short-term solution. Yes, tape works too but that’s my least favorite option!

** If your ring has a tracking number or insignia (e.g.; a maple leaf is customary on diamonds bought in Canada) on your diamond, do not use a sonic cleaner frequently as it will wear off the micro-engraving overtime.

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