You might be able to guess that we love a trip to the linen showroom, as it’s basically a candy shop for the design-obsessed. Well, La Tavola is one of our favorite destinations and today we are excited to feature the lovely woman who is our guide through all of the fine linens there: Lindsay Newby-Snode.  We love working with Lindsay and jumped at the chance to pick her brain with the following interview – we hope you’ll enjoy her insights and stories as much as we did!

Lindsay Newby-Snode of La Tavola

Lindsay, what sparked your interest in wedding and event design and decor? And what keeps your interest sustained?

Weddings are so magical and it is such an important day. It is the one day that is totally about you and you get to live out your dream of your perfect party. The day will always be remembered by the couple, their family and guests.

What are the most important things clients should keep in mind when coming to the showroom for the first time?

Don’t get overwhelmed. It is supposed to be fun! We have so many linens to choose from but our staff is here to help and make everything simple and enjoyable!

La Tavola

What is the most helpful thing a client can bring to the table?

An idea of what they are looking for, yet be open to suggestions. They might love something that they thought they would hate. Ideally knowing your color palette and overall style is best so we can help to narrow down the choices to find the perfect linen.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve come across in your work?

Sometimes budgets can be tricky but since we offer such a wide array of options, we can always work within your budget to find an option that will complement your style.

La Tavola

What trends are you loving (or loving least!) these days?

I am obsessed with our velvet collection – it is almost like a suede and it is FABULOUS! The fabric is so lush and rich. The color wave has something for any season ranging from bold shades to muted tones and chic neutrals.

What is your favorite memory at La Tavola?

I loved working with Morgan Stewart from the #RichKids of Beverly Hills on her recent wedding to Brendan Fitzpatrick.   It was so fun to meet her and get to spend time with her working on her special day. She was so fun and had such a good time with the planning process.

La Tavola

Are there any other thoughts or additional insights you’d like to share (best tips, best advice)?

Visiting our showrooms and seeing the linens in person makes all the difference over browsing online. The fabrics really come to life and you can play around with different options to visualize what your wedding will look like.

La Tavola Linen

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