Happy Engagement Season 2017!

Whether you’re engaged or in the planning process, we have some helpful topics coming up to get you on track.

Engagement announcements

Announcement – Announcement – Announcement 

First things first – making the announcement. Some of the most memorable and exciting moments lie ahead and in the age of the over-engaged social media that seems to do all of the leg work, how you tell your family and invite your friends to participate can be a major “come together” part of your story. When I got engaged, I was lucky enough to be at the start of a vacation. Right then and there, after soaking it in for a good half-hour and making the obligatory calls to our folks, we decided to keep it quiet. Having walked with couples along the steps (including having a hand in the proposal at times), I know that telling everyone under the sun comes with stress. You can immediately go from “congrats” to the thick of planning. I say HALT! Hold that moment precious to your heart and enjoy the transition of going from dating to the comfort of permanence. I want you to enjoy every moment, it’s once in a lifetime. Take your time telling the world-wide web (even if it’s just a day or two)— man, will your nearest and dearest LOVE the fact that they knew before the internet. Plan a dinner or drinks with close friends and tell them in person. So that’s it…I say enjoy the moment – breathe into that bling ring!

Next up…Ring Etiquette, Care and Caution

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